Darren took a 14 hour flight,was held up at the airport for a few hours and then came straight to a meet and greet (when he was told he could do it tomorrow) and met 250 fans and hugged every single one of them and genuinely seemed so happy to meet everyone, I’ve never seen a celebrity who cares about their fans that much before.

And some people hate him. I will never understand.

#this is gonna show up on like every tumblr porn blog

What would I say is my sexiest quality? I don’t know because as soon— I feel like as soon as I say, if I was to assert my own sexy quality it would immediately make it unsexy. So I have no idea and I hope that uh, people can have their own opinions on what that is.

Jonathan Groff + Taking Pics


51/100 pictures of Chris Colfer

51/100 pictures of Chris Colfer




#i love that he has a patented ‘i plan to fuck you till we both forget our own names’ expression

The first one makes it very, very difficult for me to breath

lishashisha is right: Advanced Placement Eye-Fucking